Are you able to track your packages on Google Maps?

Is your current courier giving you the option to track your shipments on Google Maps?

When you schedule a courier service, you deserve to have peace of mind, knowing where your shipment is at all times, and when it is going to arrive at its location.

Smart Delivery Service, Inc. is pleased to announce one of our newest tracking features for our customers. Gone are the days of wondering when your shipment will arrive. We now offer live shipment tracking via Google Maps.

With this feature, you can login to your account on our website and you will see an icon of the vehicle displayed on a Google Map along with the pickup and delivery locations so you can see exactly where your shipment is, right down to the street level. You are also able to see traffic information and a satellite view of the map.

We are confident that we provide superior service using the best technology for our customers while lowering your shipping costs.

When you need a courier service, make the SMART courier choice. For more information, contact us at 817-540-0000 for details on how to enable this new feature.