Delivery Service

We provide local, regional and nationwide delivery service through of network of courier drivers and partner companies throughout the United States. Our crew includes dynamic drivers that are professionally trained and qualified, bringing ultimate satisfaction to thousands of our customers. Our drivers are uniformed and carry a picture ID to uniquely identify them.

Same day delivery service and courier service:

We offer same day courier service, where we provide our customers with the last-minute transportation or shipping of cargo and time sensitive products. Critical documents, medical deliveries, industrial and manufacturing deliveries, and legal deliveries demand immediate service and we ensure on time delivery, without damages.

On Demand dallas DELIVERY ServiceS:

  • Direct express service: For time-critical urgent deliveries
  • 2 Hour service: Pick up from the nearest office, delivered to its destination
  • 4 Hour service: Service must be requested before 1:00 pm, for delivery by the end of the day.
  • Same-Day service: Service must be requested before 11:00 am, for delivery by the end of the day.
  • We also have customized service options for our customers to meet delivery deadlines of various types.

Route Delivery service:

  • Service within particular routes
  • We can provide services day or night, according to your schedule
  • Dedicated route drivers

Scheduled Pickup and delivery Service:

  • All packages that have proper schedule
  • Pick or/and drop of US mail
  • Airport counter to counter
  • Bank Deposits
  • Parts deliveries between locations

White Glove Service:

  • Advanced scheduled option
  • Official relocations
  • Pack, Deliver, unpack, and arrange

Medical Courier services:

The medical industry demands the services of a professional courier and delivery service, as they act as an invaluable tool for professional medical deliveries. Despite of its size being a patient medical records or package or machinery Specimens or something that is invaluable can be delivered by our company staffs before the deadline, at an economical price.

  • Medical Courier service in Minneapolis
  • Medical Route Delivery
  • Medical Courier service in St Paul
  • Medical Courier service in Dallas
  • Pharmaceutical Storage & Distribution
  • Hospital Supplies
  • Specimens
  • Medical Records>
  • Medical delivery service in Minneapolis & St Paul

Our legal courier services include:

We are specialized in legal courier service/process service and notary service. Professionally managed smart legal delivery service experience constant growth and service as an one stop solution for all legal courier works. Competent employees, competitive rates and customer satisfaction make our company unbeatable.

  • Process service
  • Notary service
  • Legal filings
  • Collecting fees
  • Skip tracing
  • Courthouse filings
  • Retrieval of documents
  • State filings

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