Smart Delivery Service is aware of the advantages of multiple service levels in an effort to reduce your costs. In fact, we accomplish this by using our established infrastructure, pioneering transportation solutions, communication and progressive technology to administer an intricate system of drivers, customer service agents, and satisfied clients. Of course, we employ the latest web based technology for business applications. For Minnesota delivery services and Texas delivery services, we supply immediate and synchronized delivery data with instant email updates, the highlight of our business. We encompass the skill to observe where the shipments and trucks are, at all times through GPS tracking. The efficiency of our distribution operations is increased with the user of Microsoft MapPoint Maps which interface with our web based technology and handheld delivery devices.

Smart Delivery Service applies the most recent in GPS technology with drivers that carry smartphones running on an LTE wireless network. Our business boasts professional order taking, dispatching, routing and scheduling systems to develop and thrive in the courier industry. Smart routing and intelligent scheduling can appreciably diminish the cost of creating schedules and progress the wide-ranging efficiency of your delivery needs in the Dallas/Fort Worth or Minneapolis/St. Paul regions. We constantly introduce Smart ways to inhibit costs and thus pass those savings to our loyal customers.

Exhaustive Information
Smart Delivery Service specializes in resolving complex logistics issues related to routing and scheduling. Our strategic tools augment operating efficiencies to ensure wer meet pre-planned and on-demand delivery schedules. In fact, we distinguish the best possible delivery sequences and can keep precise records of our activities, enhancing customer service and the accountability of our drivers.