Warehouse Automation Growth in the US

The growing pace of warehouse automation is increasing in the USA due to the workforce and demographic issues. Besides, warehouse industry needs automation to meet up the escalating competition in the market. Ananth Krishnamurty, associate professor, manufacturing systems engineering program and Center for Quick response manufacturing said “The availability of warehouse labor is decreasing”, after his comprehensive research on the field, at the University of Wisconsin. He also wonders what would happen to the warehouses, if the laborers are not ready for DC operations.

To make a next jump in the warehousing field, the companies definitely need automation and proper trained laborers to operate the machines. However, at the present trend, the shortage of laborers cannot stop the functions of a warehouse because the need and demand for warehousing service is increasing day by day. Huge space to store the finished and pre-finished products has become inevitable and investing plenty of money and maintaining that department is not a smart decision. Therefore, the large as well as small companies rely on third party warehousing services like Smart Delivery Service and warehousing, for their flexible approach.

Besides the exhausting distribution services like courier service, route delivery service, hot shot courier service, medical courier, legal courier, cross docking and document delivery, Smart Delivery Service is involved in an overwhelming warehousing service, which fulfills the demand of a variety of companies, so that you can meet the long list of daily responsibilities, without stress. Outsourcing inventory management to Smart Delivery Service can fetch you complete control on stock and constant supply of the merchandise for both existing and new customers, with our experienced employees and with the latest technology.

Streamlining the delivery process and increasing the speed of delivery is possible, when the delivery service outsourcing is combined with warehousing. Our team of professionals will monitor your inventories while you can concentrate tracking demand trends of your product, to multiply the yield. Since logistics professionals can effortlessly identify the avenue to access the customer demand, you can continuously maintain the level of trading, at any time, despite all economical turmoils.

Initially, handling the most vital part of a business, the logistics, may seem like losing control over the reputation, but in fact within a few months you will understand that you can gain additional control over delivery service and on the inventories, especially if you hand over the work to the adept team like Smart Delivery Service. Our climate controlled warehouse is apt for commercial use and we have 24 hours service with sophisticated security systems. We also undertake packing, repacking and assembling the pre-finished goods to diminish the workload of our customers. We are flexible to accommodate last-minute changes and our customer friendly service has acquired plenty of applause from the customers.
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