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Top Ten problems in day-to-day activities of delivery services

Delivery service Minneapolis - Delivery Service DallasThe American Transportation Research Institute reports that erratic economy and rising fuel costs may be the explicit problems faced by logistics industry, but there are 8 more major headaches that are frequently dealt by the popular delivery services Minneapolis and delivery Services Dallas like Smart Delivery Service. The top ten issues that we manage in our day-to-day activities are: • Cost of fuel Even though the delivery services Minneapolis try to recoup the increased cost of fuel, the unprecedented raise makes us often revise the fuel price, which may end up with loss of customers. However, since Smart Delivery Service concentrates more on the satisfaction of the customers and security of the goods to be delivered, our customers are ready to pay the nominal rise in the transportation charges. • Economy As we all know, elevated price of fuel leads to inflation on the US economy and has direct impact on all the economic activities, we had to make up several changes in our system to make it profitable to run our organization as well as to the customers, as Smart Delivery Service believe in win-win policy. • Driver shortage Shortage of trained drivers has been a big issue among the delivery services Minneapolis and Dallas. However, the experienced drivers in our firm do not face the sluggishness of economy since we give higher pay and more respect to their skills. • Government regulation Although primary safety rules issued by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration are mandatory, certain significant changes are imposed by state and local government authorities. Smart Delivery Service abides by these rules and takes measures to adapt them. • Hours of service Hours of service has not been an issue in our organization, as our employers are all set to work 24/7 in a week, with dedication, commitment and enthusiasm. Further, we prepare a sound plan for a delivery so that there is no delay in delivery. Therefore they work not more than the stipulated time plan. • Congestion in traffic The truck drivers hired by Smart Delivery Service are eminent in handling their vehicles that they sketch their route according to the size of the truck and time of delivery, so that they are not struck up with the traffic congestion. • Tolls or Highway funding It is one among the prominent problem faced by the delivery services Minneapolis. At the time of increase in the toll gate charges, we experience inhibition in the profit percentage. • Environmental issues Proliferation of anti-idling rules and other such initiatives to reduce emission, stated by the state and local administration often create setbacks in the operations of delivery services Minneapolis. However, fleet of vehicles used in Smart Delivery Service has sound maintenance to maintain punctuality in all our service. • Onboard truck technology and Tort Reform Latest Electronic Onboard Recorder is potential to monitor HOS compliance and hence several delivery services Minneapolis find it very hard to go with the pattern, as there is no regulation in Hours of Service. But Smart Delivery Service readily fits with these rules, as we are never against any traffic and transportation regulations.