Why Courier Deliveries Are Safest During Covid-19

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Why Courier Deliveries Are Safest During COVID-19

Ever since this COVID-19 pandemic, our everyday life has become difficult. Now realize that getting basic necessities like groceries and medicines can be challenging and a risk to your safety. You may be asking how safe it is for same day delivery service couriers to be picking up and delivering your orders during this pandemic and we’re going to address that topic today.

Though people have become more careful regarding personal hygiene in order to fight the virus, here are some simple explanations on how using courier services are safe during this pandemic. Courier companies have prioritized the safety of their staff, drivers, and clients during the entire delivery process.

The points mentioned here should be enough to convince you that seeking courier service in Dallas during this time poses no threat to your customers and employees.

Staffs are adequately educated about the virus

Couriers have received extra training, tips and techniques on operating during Covid-19 and preventing its spread with the extended use of hand sanitizer, wearing PPE, and frequent hand washing.

Personal hygiene is important

Wearing masks, gloves, and frequently washing hands are the three most crucial steps to maintain personal hygiene during the pandemic. Using hand sanitizers and wearing gloves when a package is handled is also very important to minimize the chances of the virus spreading. Also, we have stopped retrieving signatures upon delivery in an attempt to minimize the spread of germs through handheld signature capturing devices.

Sanitizing the vehicle used for delivery

Drivers have been tasked with disinfecting surfaces of the vehicles that are frequently touched during loading and unloading, including door handles, the steering wheel and gear lever.

Contactless delivery is encouraged

Customers can be contacted prior to delivery to be informed of the estimated delivery time. The exact point of delivery is also decided over the phone to ensure there is zero contact between the delivery person and recipient. For instance, the order is left at the apartment door or in front of the main door, allowing for social distancing for all parties.

Online Payment

Modern courier companies also bill you electronically and give you the option to pay electronically without exchanging credit cards or cash with the driver. They are encouraging more and more customers to go cashless to avoid personal contact.

Smart Delivery Service, as a courier company, is completely aware of the seriousness of the pandemic. The safety of our drivers, staff, and customers is our top priority since the outbreak began. While we continue to serve the people with our list of reliable services like same day delivery service, warehouse and box truck services, we also ensure that everybody involved in our business is absolutely safe. You can also reach out to us for picking and delivery of PPE for business or medical purposes.


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