Since our inception in 1989, Smart Delivery Service has grown not just in size, but also in our scope of operations, as well. Innovative operational practices have been a part of our company that brings continuous success and constant growth. We are pioneers in nationwide logistics and delivery services, especially in medical delivery and legal couriers, with our customized high-tech transportation packages.

Our dedicated staff and well trained  experenced drivers are our greatest assets. The perseverance, motivation, willingness and loyalty of our team allows us to strive for excellence for each delivery we complete.

Move your freight on time!

We offer logistics to move raw materials to production facilities, deliver finished goods, send legal papers on time, or to use medical coolers to transport organs. Our enthusiastic staff works hard to ensure customer satisfaction by:

  • Reducing your operating costs
  • Improving distribution productivity
  • Offering flexibility in your supply chain
  • Door to door delivery services
  • Warehousing services

Over the course of last 25 years, we have managed to carve out varied niches among our services and incorporate the latest technology. At present, we have integrated the latest high speed LTE communication technologies with Android delivery communication devices that can capture signatures upon delivery, scan barcodes, and receive instant updates from our Dispatch staff through our Delivery Software and Voice and Data communications.

We have received many awards over the years from our customers and peers. These awards include:

  • Supplier of the Year Award from Minnesota Minority Supplier Development Council, in 1997
  • Walter and Lydia Deubener Award for Small Business innovation and Entrepreneurship from the St. Paul Chamber of Commerce
  • Entrepreneur of the Year Award from the Metropolitan Economic Development
    Association, in 1999
  • The Business Journal Minority Business Award was awarded by the Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal, in 2003
  • Asian Pacific Endowment 2003 Community Award by the Saint Paul Foundation

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