Biggest Warehousing Challenges Businesses Face Today

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On July 10, 2019

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Biggest Warehousing Challenges Businesses Face Today

Biggest Warehousing Challenges Businesses Face Today

While warehousing is an intrinsic part of logistics, managing it is a challenging task. Besides stocking up piles of products in an organized way, there are several other processes involved, namely receiving, put-away assignments, picking, packaging, dispatching, handling of returns, and other value-added services.

Warehouse management is getting more complicated each day because of increasing customer expectations for faster service or same-day delivery and redundancy of processes in the warehouse. With a shift in the expectations of customers, Smart Delivery Service Inc. has come up with fast and responsive warehousing services in Minneapolis and other regions. We are helping businesses counteract the day-to-day challenges in warehousing with our Smart WMS (warehouse management system), experienced personnel and efficient processes and reporting.

Today, we’re going to discuss the most significant challenges businesses encounter with their warehousing and in what ways they can be best solved.

Non-optimized use of the storage place
A severe problem that businesses face is in stocking the variety of products that come with different storage requirements like temperature conditions, safety issues, etc. It becomes difficult to organize every product category, and at the same time, optimally utilize the given warehouse space. The best way to streamline your storage requirements is first sorting the most needed inventory, and then finding an appropriate place for it. Then, find a place for the next popular inventory and go on following this model for all your next varieties of products. Review all your storage options beforehand and decide which stock can be best put in each so frequently used products are easily accessible.

Accurate tracking of products
While a vast number of products are stored in your vastly-spaced warehouse, the real problem lies in finding out what is stored where. It becomes challenging to pick products fast when it’s time for their delivery especially in the medical line of business. It’s suggested to adopt Barcode scanning, which offers an easy way of storing and tracking products. Here are just a few benefits of barcode scanning:

• Receiving and putting away products as they arrive at the warehouse
• Deriving cycle counts for verifying quantities
• Processing the orders automatically
• Updating the inventory level in real-time

Ever-changing customer expectations
As a manufacturer or a business, you know what kind of products to produce for your customers. However, with eCommerce setting the pace for prompt delivery of consumer goods everywhere, customers have raised their demands for such delivery services from other businesses too. They demand short-shipping times, real-time order tracking, delivery-time accuracy, and 24×7 customer services. Needless to say, our customers can expect all of this from Smart Delivery Service’s courier services and warehouse services.

These three topics are at the center of all the problems that businesses come across while dealing with their warehouse. While an effective warehouse management system (WMS) can help to handle them, it adds to your costs substantially. Besides the costs for labor and resources needed in warehouse management, there are extra costs needed in purchasing, licensing, execution, and maintenance of the complex WMS. To avoid these, you can outsource your entire warehouse operations to Smart’s warehousing services in Minneapolis, MN or Dallas, TX.

We make use of our own warehouse facilities and state-of-the-art technologies to safely store products. Being professionals in warehouse logistics, we can easily solve your challenges and make your product storage and delivery efficient is the good news. So, if you feel your warehousing operations are full of challenges, contact us today.

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