Delivery Service and E-Commerce

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On March 1, 2019

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Delivery Service and E-Commerce

Delivery services and e-commerce

For several decades, the supply and distribution of consumer products to the retail stores were made through pallet loads and cases, particularly in bulk orders. But today the process of online e-commerce ordering is different from the conventional supply chain infrastructure. Eventually, plenty of retailers turn towards the third party logistics and courier service firms which are highly experienced and equipped to manage the online needs. Flexibility of 3PL warehouse is attracting these retailers as well as the manufactures and eventually leads to mutual expansion of business.

Statistics show that the present usage of  3PL warehouse  is undergoing rapid growth at the rate of 12% – 15%, every year as the online orders are mounting at an accelerated rate. Basically, this outsourcing explosion is definitely influenced by the increase of online purchasing. Moreover, the approval of 3PL is growing mainly due to the application of modern software engines which support the retailers and manufacturers to confidently acquire bulk orders as they can easily process such online orders with the inbuilt warehouse management systems (WMS). Therefore, the advanced distribution services like Smart Delivery Service Dallas and Minneapolis maintain a radical site and keep updating their website. We arrange for easy communication through live chat facility, online ordering, Google mapping system to track the products on move and a lot more for the benefit of e-commerce sales.

As an eminent 3PL, Smart Delivery Service handle the e-commerce orders through certain criteria to increase the performance capacity. However, we encounter certain difficulties in the day-to-day process and the circumstances are clearly listed below:

• Extreme volume of products during peak season
• Few pieces per order
• Shortage of stocks because of unpredictable demand changes in market
• Front-end order processing
• Huge returns of volume from the end consumers
• Immediate service through same day courier service and next day service
• We insist on meticulous handling of goods as there are more possibilities for damaging brand name when the delivery is not proper
• Huge SKU counts
• Real-time order visibility and accurate inventory

Several business find it pretty hard to manage their online businesses with inefficient 3PL, as the logistics solutions are not wholesome to meet the immense needs of the internet market. But depth of experience for about 30 years of Smart Delivery Services definitely makes a difference, as we have comprehensive perspective on the problems as well as on the solutions. Therefore, the need for 3PL is quite imperative, especially for the e-commerce, to deliver the anticipated return on the investment.

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