Vehicle Expense Calculation

Vehicle Information
Number Of Vehicles
Average Cost Of Vehicle$
Price Of Gas Per Gallon$
Vehicle Miles Per Gallon
Miles Driver Per Day
Insurance Per Month$
Exterior Maintenance$
Communication Devices$
Vehicle Cost Results
Original Cost (Cash) or Loan Payment   
Licenses, Titles, Fees & Permits (State and/or Federal) 
Taxes (State, Country, School, VIP - Where Applicable) 
Gas Oil & Grease (Based on 16.67 Gallons Per Day) 
Insurance (Liability, Collision, Cargo, Fire, Theft & Legal) 
Actions Not Indemnified by Insurance 
Normal Maintenance (Service, Parts, Tires, Etc.) 
Washing & Exterior Maintenance 
Communication Devices 
Monthly Average Expense Per Vehicle 
Total Monthly Vehicle Expense 
Employee Information
Number of Drivers
Hourly Rate$
Overtime Rate$ 
Regular Hours
Overtime Hours
Weekly Average Pay$ 
Monthly Average Pay$ 
Employee Cost Results
Wages (Including Overtime)   
Social Security Contribution 
Unemployment Compensation Contribution 
Workman's Compensation 
Misc/Admin, Hiring, Drug Screen, Training 
Vacation / Sick Leave 
Fringe Benefits (Medical, Dental & Life) 
Monthly Average Expense Per Employee 
Total Monthly Employee Expense 
Total Daily Costs of Employees & Vehicles  
Total Monthly Costs of Employees & Vehicles 
Total Yearly Costs of Employees & Vehicles