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An Insight in to Courier Service

we are quite familiar with the term even though all of us have yet to take advantage of it.

What are courier service?

Delivery service Minneapolis - Delivery Service DallasCourier services is a special type of expedited delivery service. It is used to deliver both letters and packages to an address in a very quick time frame.Courier service are much faster than traditional mail services due to speedy and safe delivery, as fast as a couple of hours. Further, courier services can meet your time commitments and offer web tracking to ensure specialized service to the customers. Unlike the major national shipping services that you may have already heard of, delivery service offer much faster service and deliver on your schedule. This makes courier services a superior option to others.

How it works?

Courier services integrate sophisticated networks of On Demand and Scheduled delivery drivers to ensure that letters and packages reach their destinations fast and safely. Proper packaging is a must for that purpose. In addition to fast delivery, reliability and safety are other big advantages of courier services, as your delivery is typically only handled by one specific person on the way to the delivery point. Compared to other delivery companies, your packages are usually handled by multiple people and conveyor belts. This not only adds time to the delivery of your packages, but substantially increases the chances of being damaged or disappearing. Once your packages are delivered to the specified address, the recipient is required to sign on the driver’s handheld device to acknowledge his acceptance of the delivered items. Finally, as instant POD (Proof of Delivery) email is sent to you to indicate that the delivery has been completed.

Live delivery data is then automatically updated through the courier service’s tracking software to maintain a record of the delivery that you can access from your online portal 24/7.

Types of Courier Services

There are three primary types of courier services –

  • Same Day
    • Same Day courier services have drivers available when you need to ship something that same day or hot shot delivery.
  • Next Day
    • Next Day courier services typically pick up your packages, bring them back to their facility for sorting, then set them out for delivery the next business day.
  • Scheduled
    • Scheduled courier services truly work on your schedule as you can request what time you would like your pick-ups or deliveries to be made.

Reliability & Reputation – Important Attribute

There are several courier service providers in Minneapolis. They are not all the same. It’s easy to get confused when you’re searching for a courier service company to meet your delivery needs.

Don’t trust your company’s shipments with an inexperienced delivery service. You may have to spend a few dollars more to get professional courier service from the most reputable companies but it’s really worth spending as those companies tend to last over the years and have a long list of customers that they provide service to. That is one of the reasons that Smart Delivery Service has been in business for over 30 years. We are dedicated to working with customers to provide cost-efficient shipping solutions that ease their troubles. Contact Us today to find out how we can make your life easier.

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