Package Tracking in Courier Service

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On February 24, 2019

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Package Tracking in Courier Service

Package Tracking in Courier Service

Online tracking will give you peace of mind when sending your packages across the street or across the state. No matter what time of day it is, you can determine the location of your shipment with our online portal. This will give you a level of visibility that other courier companies don’t provide.

Smart Delivery Service started using a package tracking system in 1992. delivery service package tracking At that time, it was much simpler than the technology we have today. The first time, it was a small tracking device placed on the top of your vehicle which would track and transmit a driver’s location date, time, traveling speed travailing direction and jobs on board to our server. This helped to save communication costs and cut out tracking time down to 2-3 minutes.

With today’s advanced technology, we use a smartphone to track locations instantly. You can view the status of your courier shipment from the time it’s picked up, until the time it’s delivered. Our system will also show you the delivery time and the signature of the person that received the shipment after it’s completed.

Today, GPS tracking exists in most new cars, and in many other industries. In the construction industry keep track of your most important assets, including expensive machinery and heavy construction equipment with asset trackers. Monitoring valuable parts across multiple storage warehouse sites has never been more simple and efficient. We are proud that we were an industry leader when we first rolled out GPS tracking, and we continue to be with other tracking technology.

In the Medical Courier delivery business, shipment tracking is very important when you transport medical equipment, blood, lab tests, organs, etc. Another industry that uses our tracking features is the auto repair industry. Auto repair dealerships love our tracking feature because they can provide updates to their clients on how quickly a part will arrive from another location while the client waits in the comfy dealership waiting room.

Most of the delivery services in the US still don’t provide live tracking capabilities to their customers. Smart Delivery Service provides this value-added real-time tracking information for shipments across all of our service level offerings without additional cost. All you need to have is a shipping account with us and a computer with internet access and you can begin tracking your shipments. Unlike our competition, we don’t hide the true status of our shipments because we believe you deserve to know where your shipments are.
Our technology solutions enable customers to integrate with our systems to improve communication, save time and realize operational efficiencies in relation to shipment tracking and new order creation.

Click here to see an example of how GPS tracking was used to find a missing pet!

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