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5 Characteristics of a Good Warehouse Logistics Facility

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Every product-oriented business needs Warehouse Management Services. To cater to this need, we at Smart Delivery Service offer top-notch and customized warehouse service in Dallas, helping clients save logistics expenses. We aim to simplify your warehousing and storage tasks by providing a fast and easy to access warehousing and distribution network.

Being a pioneer in our industry, we understand that our customers need quality-driven service to help operate their business. Thus, we want to help readers understand the features that make a great warehouse facility and choose the right one for their business. Some of the inherent characteristics of a good warehousing facility are as follows:


One of the top priorities of warehousing facilities is proper security for the items being stored. A good warehouse must have an around-the-clock, video monitored warehouse storage space for preventing the chances of theft. Also, warehouses should be locked at all times and access should be limited only to specific staff.

Storage space

We have a professionally managed and secured warehouse logistics storage area in Dallas, Texas and Minneapolis, Minnesota. Our warehouses are well organized with a racking system, expanding our warehouse storage space. We help facilitate the easy movement and storage of goods, allowing businesses not to spend time worrying about their entire supply chain and storage needs.

Location, location, location!

As everyone knows, one of the most crucial factors of choosing a location is its proximity to you and your customers and the nearby metro areas. A warehouse should be situated in a well-connected and convenient place with proper communication and transportation access to highways and airports. This helps in efficiently transporting freight by being closer to the end-user. While it may be less expensive to store your goods far away in the suburbs, unless that’s where your clients are located, it is usually more expensive to transport your goods to & from that location. Also, transit times may increase if you store your goods in a location that is not centrally located.

Emergency and disaster management

There are always risks of disasters like lightning, floods, fire, or other things. Professional warehouse logistics companies should have proper contingency plans and be willing to discuss their plans with you.

Mechanical appliances

A proper set of machinery must be present in the warehouse storage to make loading and unloading of goods more effective and efficient. This reduces handling expenses and waste as well. Machines such as forklifts greatly help in handling bulk loads of goods. Also, a good warehousing company would have both dock and ground level (or ramp) access to load and unload the freight. This provides flexibility in the types of vehicles and goods that the warehouse can store for you.

With expansive industry experience and a diversified portfolio, we have been serving our clients for the last 30 years. Our services consist of warehousing, cross docking, contract warehousing, pick and pack, and much more. Our workers are well-skilled and properly trained. We make sure that all warehouse operations run efficiently and systematically. Moreover, we can ensure that our recruits have proper training regarding the handling of goods. The next time you are in need of a reliable, efficient warehousing service partner in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX or Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN, we are the ultimate choice


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