5 Avoidable Mistakes While Choosing a Courier Service

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5 Avoidable Mistakes While Choosing a Courier Service

Choosing a bad courier service can create a huge problem for your business. Though it seems that the job of a courier service is simple, it’s actually more complicated than you may think. On-time and hassle-free delivery, a great pricing structure, and positive customer feedback are some signs that you should look for.

Mistakes are bound to happen while making any outsourcing business decision and shipping services are no exception to this. The best thing you can do is to know what mistakes are usually made in the process of hiring a third-party courier and then find ways to avoid those mistakes.

Let’s talk about common mistakes you need to avoid before entering into a partnership with a courier services provider.

Late deliveries

This can cost you a client and it tops the lists of mistakes you should avoid. Delayed delivery by your hired courier firm will put your business in a bad light. When the deadline is missed, it infuriates a customer and they might not come back to you next time. The first thing you need to do is conduct thorough research into the firm’s services and reputation. For instance, take a glance at customer testimonials before making a decision. Any firm with a great number of 4 to 5 stars reviews is good to go with.

Goods received in unacceptable condition

The job of a courier service is to transport shipments in an intact condition. You would never want your recipients to call you and say they have received a broken product. In this situation, you, being the seller, have to face the trouble of replacing the product which is also a business loss. To avoid such a mishap in the first place, hiring an efficient courier service is extremely important. A professional agency guarantees that your packages are handled safely and dispatched with utmost care.

Competitive Pricing

The fee offered by a courier service needs to be balanced and fair. As the saying goes, “you get what you pay for”. If it’s too cheap, you may end up receiving the lowest quality of service. On the other hand, wildly expensive courier fees might harm your business in the long run. Find a perfect balance between the minimum and maximum so that your costs are optimized and the service received is worth appreciating. Seek a courier that offers customized solutions. Sometimes you may not need certain services a company is offering. Custom services eliminate overpayment and you can pay a reasonable price for your specific needs.

Non-responsive customer service

You never want to experience a rude and unfriendly customer service rep. For a courier company, we must earn the trust of customers and be polite and receptive to customers. Whenever anything goes wrong with your package delivery, they should attend to you empathetically and try to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. The question is, how do you know whether the courier service you are thinking of hiring is helpful and responsive? Analyze your first points of contact or conversations to gauge whether its service is good or bad is a great first step. Are they polite enough to listen to you patiently and seem helpful? If yes, then you should definitely go with that company.

Frequent issues with the service

Last but not the least, receiving incorrect quotes, or poor customer service can become serious obstructions in your business-client relationship and tarnish your image in your customers’ eyes. This is something you can’t afford to have, so make sure you pick a courier agency that uses the latest technologies in their logistics operations. Smart route planning, instant signature capture through electronic media, live Google Map tracking, and quick email notifications are some of the newest advancements in the logistics industry. These features will help you to identify your ideal courier partner.

Key Takeaways

Hiring the wrong service provider would leave you with regrets. It’s always better to carry out a careful investigation in advance, and then pick a firm suitable for your shipping needs. Smart Delivery Service is a reputed agency for courier service in Dallas that has not only expanded in size over all these years but has also widened their scope of services. Our warehousing facilities and delivery solutions make sure that your inventory levels and logistics costs are reduced to a minimum. Hire us today to see our high-tech, customized, and professional delivery services.


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