Covid-19 Impact – How Smart Delivery Service is Coping Amid the Pandemic

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Covid-19 Impact: How Smart Delivery Service is Coping Amid the Pandemic

While the health pandemic, Covid-19, has brought the world to a sudden stop, the courier and delivery services sector is supporting your necessities anytime, anywhere. Even before the Coronavirus pandemic, the world relied on hot shot delivery services for their convenience and speed. Many industries, including groceries, electronics, furniture, pharmaceutical supplies, and medical equipment use third-party courier services to get their products delivered to distributors as well as end customers as fast as possible. When the pandemic emerged, there was a rise in hot shot courier services in Dallas Fort Worth Texas, Minneapolis Saint Paul Minnesota and everywhere else. In fact, Covid-19 stimulated the delivery industry because everyone is staying at home and choosing to have things delivered to their doorstep. The delivery service providers became unsung heroes overnight due to the crisis. They ensured that consumers and sellers in local markets never go without their essential supplies.

We, Smart Delivery Service, are one of those heroes and are proud to say that we are providing our services while taking all safety precautions to protect our customers as well as our delivery team. From contactless deliveries to cashless payments, we are following all prerequisites to keep you and ourselves safe.

While online ordering and payments for delivery services have made things so much easier for people, we thank technology for being the biggest supporter to help us tide through this crisis! We continued to provide our services taking all the precautionary measures.

Managing employees’ healthWe ensure that every team member is in good health and is fit to deliver products. We are doing thermal screenings, and instructing them about essential safety practices, and implementing controls that will restrict the spread of the virus. We are disinfecting and sanitizing our locations and vehicles. We are providing masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer to help staff maintain their personal safety. We are also providing PPE (to the ones who are handling the delivery of medical supplies and had to visit health centers). This is to ensure that the delivery of essential life-saving medical equipment, samples and specimens is not hampered during this health pandemic.

Ensuring the safety of customersWe have given equal importance to our customers’ health and safety. We initiated contact-less delivery as a safety measure. Our delivery team ensures that product delivery is done with zero physical contact and social distancing. Our transactions are done through digital payment systems. This helps limit any transmission through hand-to-hand transfers.

While Covid-19 has shaken the world, Smart Delivery Service is helping customers send and receive their essentials without any hassle or delays. If you are seeking smooth and contact-less delivery services for essentials or want to keep your business deliveries going during the pandemic, get in touch with us.


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