Courier Service Scams

Common Courier Service Scams

Common Courier Service Scams Face Today Dallas Minneapolis

Setting up a delivery service may be relatively simple, but the problem arises when you want to make it successful. Courier services have terms and conditions, even though to navigate several pitfalls, potholes, rip-offs and scams that challenge most of the aspiring couriers. Studies show that couriers are vulnerable to scams by dodgy dealers and con artists who are ready to scam directly from delivery service or use them as middlemen in their process. Scammers insist on weekly or monthly payments so that they can ensure standing orders. Scammers ask on shift work, so they insist on hourly rates.

The latest scammers are using other legitimate business logo and create a fake website. They will use other reputable business logos to make look original. They will contact the general public via email and inform them that they have a package at their fake business location. They will even send them the picture of the package, sender information and ask hem to wire money so they can release the courier package. We are getting a lot of calls asking where is the package they already sent the money. This is happening all over the world. If someone asked to send them money so they can release the package please do not send money.

Scammers use stolen credit cards and place orders from major retailers and call the local delivery service to pick up merchandise and deliver to an unknown address.

The website of scammers is fresh and newly registered, yet they claim to have decades of experience in delivery and logistics services. They use free classified websites such as Gumtree for online advertisements. On the whole, the charges are too reasonable to be true. Courier services Dallas experience common scams by the so-called clearing houses or agencies who are interested in allotting work to the owner-drivers. These people contact the customers directly and for courier services to stay away from their scams make sure to watch for the below telltale signs for deceitful activities many out-of-work scammers have a van to show off as an experienced courier service. Some of them even charge membership on their website. They may promise you a lot to make you register with a membership fee, and you will never hear from them again as they quickly walk off with your hard-earned cash.

Courier services Dallas and Minneapolis experience scams where scammers directly contact them and introduce as a dealer of the leading logistics companies such as B and Q or Tesco. They ask for urgent small package delivery, and if you accept, you may have to stand on a street corner when you go to collect your money for the work. Some of them ask you to deliver and collect fees from the end customer as they have specific issues with PayPal or other electronic payment systems. Ultimately, you will not be able to reach the given wrong address, and if you open the parcel, you will find worthless junk.

Some rip-off merchants may charge an arm and a leg for guides with positive tips to flourish in the delivery service but frankly speaking, they are worse than trash, as you can fetch plenty of free advice through delivery service Dallas blogs or forums or through trusted resources online. Wall planner scams may promise you 10,000 leads in your locality through their valuable advertising space. Another form of scams is credit card theft. There are individuals or scam rings using other people’s credit card information and buy merchandise online or over the phone and use courier services to pick up the merchandise. Once they learn that this system works, they continue to order and collect the merchandise through courier companies.

We have learned to prevent this through experience. When we send a driver to a delivery location, and we feel suspicious of the location, we will notify the shipper and inform them of the situation and prevent the delivery. Once they do not receive the merchandise, these individuals panic and start calling frequently and sometimes even threats. We had a customer who used us once and after receiving the bill, he disputed the bill and did not make the payment. You have to be very careful in handling credit card transactions in the delivery service business to protect yourself and the financial interests of your customers. This is an important task, and big firms such as FedEx and UPS have their divisions to prevent fraud. Small businesses do not have the revenue stream to afford to create a specific division. That’s where we have to teach our courier driver team to use more common sense to spot and prevent these types of scammers.


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