Why Choosing a Good Warehouse Facility is Vital for your Business

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Why Choosing a Good Warehousing Facility is Vital for your Business

The use of a warehouse facility of a third party provider is very common in business in recent times. Using a third party provider allows a business is to lower its costs and eliminate the burden of inventory management. It has been helping start-ups and large businesses to meet their storage needs effectively without forcing these businesses to commit to fixed costs over many years. Also, a warehouse is not just about storage, but it offers a number of additional services that optimize your supply chain solutions. If you haven’t tried hiring a third-party warehouse and courier service vendor for your company’s products, then it’s time to think about it.

Outsourcing warehouse operations to an established courier service company can bring in a lot of advantages. Keep on reading this blog to know all about those incredible benefits.

A centralized location for storage

The production gap determines your supply level which consequently affects profit margins. By reducing the production gap, you can increase the output sold. How? A single location for holding in a warehouse, distribution and shipping your products will help you save a lot of money. Similarly, receiving a product, storing it and then dispatching it can be done with much ease and in lesser time when you do it from a centralized location. Ideally, you need to pick a local storage place from where both your production house and target market are easily accessible.

Order processing and fulfillment are simplified

The two things that every customer deserves are a good quality product and on-time delivery. In simpler words, these are the two things that make them content and bind them to your brand. While the quality parameter is guaranteed by your production staff, it is a courier provider that assures timely delivery services. Managing delivery in-house can burden your employees, hampering delivery time. Assigning order fulfillment to a vendor ensures “just-in-time inventory”, which means your inventory is needed and automatically delivered only when required. Pre-stocking for at least 2 – 3 months, except in case of perishable items, helps avoid delays or out-of-stock situations. You’d never want to lose a dedicated client or long-term sale just because orders weren’t fulfilled as inventory was depleted.

Offers safe storage and extra space

When you have a storage room in your production facility, it may be limited. Especially during slow months when stock volume outgrows sales, it becomes difficult to manage the extra output. For this reason, a separate warehouse is preferred. Not only it can store the surplus volume, but it also protects them from damage, misplacement or theft. These mishaps are very common in production as multiple tasks are performed and needed to be managed by your staff. When an independent agency is responsible for managing inventory and warehouse operations, it keeps a close watch on your products. It is their only job and this is what they are getting paid for so you can be at peace.

Production Quality Improves

An efficient warehousing system offers tracking technology helping you identify the current status of your inventory and orders. With storage management & inventory monitoring, you can get an estimate of the final number of products that are on site and ready for distribution.

Risk Management

In any business, price fluctuations are unavoidable, and this can cause harm to your revenue. If you manage inventory on your own, surplus stock can force you to sell your inventory at lower prices when demand is lower than supply. Since you don’t have a separate storage space to hold the extra supply, you sell your products at low prices. If you use a warehouse vendor, then you get to use their facility to store your excess stock and then sell them when demand is high in the market again. This way you can avert the risk of running a business on losses.


Leveraging and organizing your warehouse will help you improve your supply chain and streamline the distribution process. If you are thinking that focusing only on timely delivery is important, then you might be wrong. It is important to focus both on warehousing and delivery operations equally in your business. You need to find a suitable partner who can provide you with both services at an affordable price. At Smart Delivery Service, we offer businesses like yours superior warehousing, storage and courier services in Dallas. We are a one-stop solution provider for your logistics needs. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.


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